Improving wellbeing through practicing mindfulness, self-regulation as well as successfully engaging with others has been studied in psychology, education and health fields in recent years.

Suzanne Rienits has recently completed research on a program she developed for facilitating incidental mindfulness, calm and focus. In her "Calm Cuppa" program, Suzanne uses Chinese Tea ritual to foster "settling", mindfulness, focus and social engagement practices. Children who participated showed significant changes in well being, confidence, emotional/ mental self-regulation, focus and ability to become calm. In her presentation, Suzanne will discuss how you can apply these sorts of practices to improve your wellness and work/ study performance.

This workshop is suitable for kids aged 5 and above. CCC provides a complete tea sets and equipments for all kids' tea ritual.

About the speaker:
Since 1980, Suzanne has studied, practiced, designed and taught programs in Massage, Chinese and Natural Medicine disciplines, Qi cultivation, movement arts and meditative practices. She has been teaching adults and facilitating groups for over 30 years. Since graduating in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Australia in 1988, she has been a founder, director and principal of Oriental Therapies and Bodywork colleges in rural Australia over many years. Currently she has a private clinical practice in Australia.
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