An Dun, a famous reporter for the Beijing Youth Daily, will give a talk at China Culture Center about her new book The Chinese Dream C Real Life Stories of Migrant Workers and Urban Transplants in Contemporary China. She will talk about the stories that she has heard and published over the last four years and in particular the newest ones of migrant workers and urban transplants. The book will help the international community understand the lives of the people around them - in the subways, in noodle shops, massage centers and nail salons or on the corners of expats' apartment complex.

The book published by the New World Press will not be available on the market by the date of the talk. It will be sold at CCC later of the month. by theare available for purchase at CCC.

More about the auther & speaker
An Dun (Zhang Jieying) is a reporter for the Beijing Youth Daily. She began working on her case studies on the "emotional state of modern Chinese people" in 1995. Her first book series was Absolute Privacy-Personally Told Stories About the Emotions of Modern Chinese People. Her essay collections include Verb An Dun, and Rain from Heaven. Her novels Fragments of Desire, Burning Love, Love You and Harm You were all best sellers. The film Life and Death Plunder is based on her novel of the same title. She wrote the screenplay for the film, We.

An Dun began her interviews for the book series The Chinese Dream in 2007. The first book was Real-Life Stories of the Young in Contemporary China and the second, Real Life Stories of the Common People in Contemporary China.
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