Part 1 - Theory - Food Energetics (2 hours)

How is nutrition explained in the East? What are the key differences? Can we use this information in a practical sense? Come along to learn how food is described as possessing certain qualities such as a warming or cooling nature, possessing certain flavors that act on the body in a certain ways. Explore how we can use this foreign language of describing food when selecting, combining and preparing foods in accordance with the seasons and your own personal TCM imbalance.

Part 2 – Practical - Eat Well and Stay Healthy the Traditional Chinese Way (2 hours)

Find out how we use Chinese food energetic information in a practical sense to harmonize seasonal change, or your own personal imbalances according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese dietary therapy is a subjective science that has thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, so lets explore the material and non-material aspects of eating well in Asia. The aim is to give you practical skills, general principles on how to maximize digestive function and build greater resilience by giving ourselves a more stable supply of Qi and Blood.

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
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