• Wudang Mountain is located in the heart of mainland China's Hubei Province, north of Yantze River, and is known to the local people as Xuanyue Mountain. This mystical place is considered one of China's most cherished martial treasures. Known as the center of Taoist culture & study, Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of the Wudang school of Kungfu, a style that is known for focus on the internal practice in addition to physical movement.

    Wudang Internal Kungfu has the characteristics of overcoming toughness with flexability, hardness with softness & movement with stillness. Wudang Kungfu not only provides the function of body-strengthening & self-defense but can also preserve ones inner energy

    Wudang Taichi or Taijiquan) is the main component of the Wudang martial arts. It is an orthodox school of Chinese Kungfu. It is called an internal art because the actions demonstrate both strength and grace and the internal energy is combined with the external performance.  Wudang Taijiquan highly stresses the fullness of internal energy, breath, and spirit. The mind directs the breath which further activates the body for defense as well as attack.

    The eight criteria that Wudang Taijiquan stresses when playing are: lightness, easiness, roundness, evenness, flexibility, changeableness, steadiness and precision. The motto for practice is: Be relaxed, complete, prompt, and sudden. The intent continues even when the force goes out. The breath will still go through the body when your intent is complete.

    About the master
    Master Jiang is a taoist residing and practising taichi in the Mount Wudang and a disciples of the leading Wudang Taichi school, which still stick to traditional way of practice. He travels to Beijing for 2 months in the Spring every year to teach authentic Wudang Taichi for CCC martial arts lovers.


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