The 5 sessions course is about Life Cultivation and Maintenance in Traditional Chinese Way. You will learn the theory and self cultivation and treatments on mind, body and soul; and seasonal food, exercises, massage, and balance of emotions.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
  • Lesson one: Balance of mind
    Emotions and Viscera 

    -how the emotions influence the viscera
    -the relation between Qi and viscera
    -maintain viscera through varied sounds of Qi
    The Middle way
    -To cultivate the Middle way through the middle point of senses
    -To release emotion through bodily breathing
    The way of Harmony
    -To cultivate the Harmony through music
    -To maintain harmony through tuning up volume of mind settling
    Self treatment through insight power
    -The fact of disease
    -Arising of suffering
    -Release of symptom and suffering

    Lesson two: Balance of body 

    Energy channels
    -The Yin-Yang of human body
    -14 energy channels
    Self massage easy-reach points
    -Liver Meridian –Taichong with Qihai
    -Heart Meridian – Shenmen with Guanyuan
    -Lung Meridian – Shaoshang with Hegu
    -Kidney Meridian – Yongquan with Shenmen
    -Spleen Meridian – Sanyinjiao with Zusanli
    YiJinJing (derived from Shaolin temple)
    -breathe through Dan Tian
    -Stretch tendons
    -Cultivate energy channels
    -Refresh Qi

    Lesson three: Balance in season
    The balance of five elements
    How to maintain life if four seasons
    -Spring – balance liver & spleen
    -Summer – balance heart & lung
    -Autumn –balance lung & liver
    -Winter – balance kidney & heart
    Five Animal Exercise
    -Transform from outer forms to inner Energy
    -practice five animal’s exercise

    Lesson four: Balance on food
    The choice of food
    -food of tongue, ears, eyes, emotion, action
    -how to choose proper food for yourself
    -how to maintain the food quality
    The characteristics of food
    -geography and food
    -colors and food
    -energy channels and food
    -warm, cool and medium
    How to cook a nutritious congee
    -general principle for ingredients selection
    -ingredients based on personal requirements
    -the procedure of cooking

    Lesson five: On-work balance
    The source of stress
    -clinging and fear (illusion of forms and whirlpool of mind)
    -contradiction on quantity, quality and time
    -out of breathing
    -other attachments from inside and outside
    The way of settling mind and work
    -how to set up the middle min d (the rank of task importance and the mind beyond rank)
    -keep “distance” between mind and work
    -the rhythm of breathing and pace of work
    -how to release stress on emergent task
    On-work exercises
    -how to stay with computer (warning on computer or cell phone)
    -listen to tense, anxiety and stifling (body, mind and breathing)
    -refreshment on head
    -individual exercise & interactive exercise

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