The book "Think like Chinese" explains Chinese thought and business culture from the Chinese perspective. It gives first-hand insight into what Chinese are really thinking when conducting business.

Helen Zhang and Geoff Baker combine their Chinese and Western perspectives to explain, in detail, common Chinese behaviours that may seem odd to non-Chinese. They bring a wealth of personal experience in contemporary Chinese business investment and management, sharing their experiences and observations to provide strategies for overcoming such cultural barriers.

Drawing from her book Think Like Chinese", author Helen Zhang will share with you the following topics:
-- How Chinese view their own history
-- Why Chinese are different C 5 core elements of Chinese thinking: Chinese language/philosophy, law of yin & yang, born connectedness, mid-stream living and mianzi (Face)
-- "only tell people 1/3 of whats on your mind - how Chinese communicate
-- "heroes think alike" C how Chinese live
-- What to do

Helen Zhang was born in mainland China and holds an MBA and a Master of Business in Finance from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia and a BA (English Language and Literature) from Peking University. She lived in Australia for 8 years, working in both management consulting and investment banking before relocating back to Beijing in 2002. She is the Managing Director of consulting group ChinaTime Inc. C China.

Helen articulates in her talk a rich taste of hidden subtleties that could make or break your interactions with Chinese people. She not only reframes concepts and paradigms about philosophies, behaviours and thinking patterns, but also she will delight you with her candour and passion.

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

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