In many ways today's generation of Chinese youth are re-defining their Chinese identity: For the last 30 years this new generation of Chinese youth experienced exponential economic growth, an influx of modern western culture and outside influences and rapid urban modernization. This trend began in the 1970s when China adopted a policy of opening up more to the outside world.

One side effect of this outside influence has been the rise of a "me-first" mentality among Chinese youth and the slow disintegration of Chinese culture and values. The youth of today is less politically passionate than previous generations and they focus more on monetary success and their own well-being rather than on that of Chinese society as a whole. Compounding this phenomenon and dramatic value shift is also the factor of China's one-child family planning policy. Under this family policy, many youths have been pampered by their doting parents, and as such have developed the habit of relying upon others to make decisions for them and lack the ability to form their own opinions. What impact will this have on China's future?

Zong Chunshan is the Director of Beijing Youth Law and Psychology Consultancy Center and founder of Youth Self-Protection Education Organization and will host an interesting lecture on Chinese youth focusing on the family conflict and cultural difference resulting from the age gap, the cultural and knowledge background difference, and its consequence on the development of the Chinese youth.

The talk will be conducted in Chinese with English Interpretation.
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