Do those architectures you see in Beijing and other cities are contemporary Chinese architecture? or they are just today's Chinese architecture rather than modern architecture in western concept? How about 798 art district buildings and the diplomat compound at Jianguomen?

Architect Liang Jingyu will share with us his thoughts on today's architecture in China, from 1949-1979 buildings all over China and their characteristics, to new architecture when China reformed and opened up. He will give comments on many architecture in China, the insider's view on China's construction system; the arguments and disputes among developers, planners and architects on international or local style; traditional or modern; and the dilemma and difficulties that Chinese individual architects and small non-governmental architecture organizations and firms confront with.

Liang Jingyu is an architect, and principal of Approach Architecture Studio. Liang graduated from Tianjin University in 1991. He was based in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada, between 1996 and 2002, working as both an architect and computer games designer for Electronic Arts. Liang, as one of the 18 Chinese contemporary architects, was invited to exhibit his works for the "China Contemporary Exhibition" in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2006.

The talk is conducted in Chinese with English interpretation.

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