Chinese History Lecture Series include two parts:

* Part 1 will covers the period from the beginning of human activities in China to 1840, on the eve of the Opium War.
* Part 2 will cover the First Opium War to the present-day.

The 6 sessions lectures on "Ancient and Imperial China" will provide a good understanding and appreciation of the evolution of politics, institutions, religion, science, technology, arts, philosophy, literature, values, as well as important personages, and geographical impact.

The lectures will be conducted in English assisted by images and PowerPoint presentation.

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

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  • Ancient China LHistory Course Outline:

    Lecture I, Dawn of Cultures to the Dawn of a unified China
    Lecture II, Qin and Han Dynasties

    Lecture III, Three Kingdoms to the Dynasty of Sui 

    Lecture IV, Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty 

    Lecture V, Dynasties of Yuan and Ming

    Lecture VI, Impact of the Rise of Global Trade on China and Qing Dynasty prior 1840

    About the teacher
    Professor Terri I-chuan Wu received her Education in Taiwan through the sophomore year at the National Chengchi University and passed the Higher National Civil examination before finishing her university and master degree in Sophia University, Tokyo Japan. She did her PhD in Louvain University in Belgium and went on to be selected as researcher of Belgian National Funds for Scientific Research (FNRS) and professor at Louvain University. Having visited China regularly since 1980 and for the past 4 years has resided in Beijing.

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