Li Demei, professor on wines and Chinese drinks, will give a lecture on the history, technique, taste and quality of Chinese yellow liquors. Some typical brands and types of wines and snack will be tried during the talk.

The lecture will be conducted in Chinese with English interpretation.

Venue: China Culture Center
  • The water towns such as Shaoxing, etc. at the
    Yangtz River Delta area are famous for producing
    these yellow rice wines

    Hua Diao (literally "Floral Carving"), is
    one well-known variety of Chinese yellow wine; 
    The other famous one is named "Daughter's Red"

    Traditional brewing workshops in history

    Two main varieties of Chinese alcoholic beverages are fermented beverages (huáng ji; literally "yellow liquor"), which may be clear, beige, or reddish-brown in color; and distilled beverage (bái ji; literally "white liquor"), which are usually clear liquids.

    Huang Jiu (yellow Liquor) are brewed directly from grains such as rice or wheat. Such liquors contain less than 20% alcohol, due to the inhibition of ethanol fermentation at this concentration. These wine are traditionally pasteurized, aged, and filtered before their final bottling for sale to consumers. Huangjiu can also be distilled to produce baijiu.

    Huangjiu are classified based on several factors. Among them are the liquor's dryness, the starter used in its production, and its production method.

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