Daolang, a small ethnic subgroup of Xinjiang' s Uyghur nationality in Northweat of China, is known for their master musicians performing the muqam C a traditional musical canon from Xinjiang, passed down orally through several centuries and performed as part of a celebratory maxirap (a party which involves music, dance and games, held during weddings, harvests or arrivals).

Shang Changping, famous anthropology photographer and contributor for China National Geography, spent many years with these master musicians and will share with CCC friends her photos, music records and stories. The Daolang people's daily life and their unique way of making handicrafts will also be elaborated at the presentation.

The presentation will be conducted in Chinese with English interpretation.
Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
  • Shang Changping, speaker of this talk, stands 
    in the desert 

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