Title: Contemporary Chinese Nationalism: Pragmatic Tool, Exceptionalism, and Breaking Taboo

Many observers in the past several years have talked about the emergence of a new nationalism in China, often noting numerous fearful implications, and these reports are only increasing in frequency. But is there really evidence that nationalism is on the rise in China today? What in fact is "nationalism," in regards to China? How is nationalism tied to changes in Chinas international status, and the Chinese perception of their place in the world? How does Chinese exceptionalism feed these changes, and how have conceptions of exceptionalism led to exceptional nationalistic actions? Is it inevitable that nationalism will increase and become more virulent? Or are their forces in China that will counteract extreme nationalism, reducing the threat? Please join us as we try to find some framework to help us understand nationalismand its implicationsin China today.

The talk and discussion will be led by Dr. Patrick Lucas, a long-time resident, social science researcher in China, and Center Director at the CIEE Study Center in Beijing.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
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