A small group of volunteers, Americans and Chinese, set out in 2002 to find some common ground, and discovered it in the most ironic of places--within the history of the Second World War. Now after interviewing and videotaping hundreds of Chinese and Americans, collecting thousands of historical photographs, and hearing stories both heartwarming and heartbreaking, they have found something eminently human in the midst of a story of the most inhumane. They have also discovered much about how China views this history and how problematic this history continues to be in China today, and about the continuing struggle of the Chinese to settle upon a workable understanding of the war’s historical events, and upon a truly meaningful social interpretation of this history.

The speaker, Patrick Lucas, is an anthropologist working and living in China for the past 20 years, who started the “Remembering Shared Honor” project with several partners in 2002 to document the history of China-US cooperation during WWII in China."
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