This is one class to learn three traditional Chinese healing techniques: Guasha, Baguan and Aijiu (moxibustion).

Gua Sha is Chinese and East Asian healing technique. Gua means to scrape or rub in Chinese. Sha is a 'reddish, elevated, millet-like skin rash' (aka petechiae). Sha is the term used to describe Blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissue before and after it is raised as petechiae. Gua Sha is one technique that intentionally raises Sha rash or petechiae. In Vietnam the technique is called Cao Yio, in Indonesia: Kerik, in Laos: Khoud Lam.
    When is Gua Sha used?       
    Gua Sha is used whenever a patient has pain whether associated with an acute or chronic disorder. There may be aching, tenderness and/or a knotty feeling in the muscles. Palpation reveals Sha when normal finger pressure on a patient's skin causes blanching that is slow to fade. In addition to resolving musculo skeletal pain, Gua Sha is used to treat as well as prevent common cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, as well as any chronic disorder involving pain, congestion of Qi and Blood.

    Two kinds of scraping therapy:
    * Meridian scraping therapy: The meridian scraping method combines acupressure with cutaneous scraping.
    * Holographic scraping therapy: It is a method of scraping points on the body which correspond to organs in the body. This therapy has the special feature of scraping only a small area and taking a short time.

    Baguan (or bahuoguan)


    Venue: CCC Learning Center, Chinese Culture Club, Anjialou, No.29, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

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