Many critics consider landscape to be the highest form of Chinese painting. The traditional Chinese artists painted pictures of towering mountains, using strong black lines, ink wash, and sharp, dotted brushstrokes to suggest rough stone; or painted the rolling hills and rivers of their native countryside in peaceful scenes done with softer, rubbed brushwork.

Come and join CCC's Chinese painting class. You don't have necessarily learnt Chinese painting before, just have to be enthusiastic and be willing to hold a brush. The supplies or the Four Treasures of the Study - the ink brush, ink, paper(made of rice & bamboo), and ink stone - are provided by us.

Where: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
  • >> You don't necessarily have learnt Chinese painting before, just be enthusiastic and be willing to hold a brush.
    >> Both beginners and higher level can enjoy and grasp the skills in the class.
    >> You can choose to join just one single class or attend the whole course.
    >> The class is in small group and conducted in English.
  • Landscape painting
    literally in Chinese: mountain & water painting, is one of the three major kinds of Chinese painting (the other two are bird-flower and figure paintings. Viewing Chinese landscape paintings, it is clear that Chinese depictions of nature are seldom mere  representations of the external world. Rather, they are expressions of the mind and heart of the individual artists—cultivated landscapes that embody the culture and cultivation of their masters. Painting became a means of conveying the inner landscape of the artist's heart and mind.

    About the instructors:
    CCC has a pool of prestigious artists who teaches at CCC in the morning, evening or at weekends. CCC participants will have an opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with different artists and their different style of art.

    In order to properly accommodate everyone who wishes to attend this course we need to know each week exactly how many will be attending. If you haven't paid the whole two-month course, we ask that you notify us at least 3 hours before that you plan to attend each week's session. Register online is preferred, or give us a ring, if internet reservation is not convenient. No walk-ins.

    CCC's mission is to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture by offering a wide variety of cultural activities and events to our members. Fees to certain programs such as this are provided on a non-profit basis and are meant to only cover actual costs of that specific program. You can help us by registering in advance of the program so that we can minimize the cost of these programs. Your contribution helps us to continue offering such programs in the future.

  • Private custom-made class prices:

    RMB1500 for a minimum of 5 adult guests (or the financial equivalent thereof) and are 2 hours long.
    RMB 1800 for 6-10 people.
    The price includes an English-speaking artist, or an artist assisted with an interpreter and venue.

    Flexible scheduling:
    The workshop can be scheduled at any time that it fits your schedule according to the availability of the teachers.

    Please note:
    1.  We must check the date: 
       The CCC’s masters, artists, and teachers are all experts in their field and unique in their circles.  Their schedules are tight, so they may not be available at the time frame you would like to book.    We will have to check with them first before we can confirm the time with you.
    2.  Prepayment is necessary: 
       Once the artists/experts are confirmed, prepayment is required so we can book his/her time.
    3.  Corporate Clients
           All prices listed are for private individuals.  Corporate clients will be separately quoted. Click here for Payment methods 

    4.   Venue:

    • The class/workshop will be conducted in English/with English interpretation at the China Culture Center unless a different location is requested.  
    • The CCC’s center can accommodate maximum 10-20 people for a class/workshop. 
    • Special venues of different size and ambiance can be arranged for corporate clients.with extra charges.