The practice of Tao Yin was a precursor of qigong, and was practised in Chinese Taoist monasteries for health and spiritual cultivation. Tao yin is a series of exercises (mainly in lying and sitting positions, but also in standing positions) practiced by Taoists to cultivate ch'i, the internal energy of the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What is Five Animal Frolics (wu qin xi)? A 1,800-year old Chinese Exercise System for Fitness, Good Health and Longevity still practiced today. These gentle, fun and playful exercises relax muscles, stretch tendons, open joints, stimulate the spine, exercise internal organs, detoxify, gather and cultivate Qi.

The Five Animals were created by Hua Tuo, the father of Chinese Medicine, in the second century A.D. The Five Animals are the Crane for relaxation, the Bear for strength, the Monkey for flexibility, the Deer for grace, and the Tiger for power.
  • Key Benefits
    The Crane- to develop balance, lightness and agility.  The Crain cools and relaxes your whole body, balances the heart-energy, gently stretches your ligaments and releases your spine.
    The Bear - to develop rooted power.  The Bear creates greater leg strength, fortifies the bones and develops energy in the kidneys, your fundamental source of vitality. 
    The Monkey - to develop suppleness and agility.  Become quick witted, alert and nimble.
    The Deer - to develop grace and relaxation.  The Deer gives a long stretch to the legs and spine, creating open, expansive movement with very flexible sinew and bones.
    The Tiger - to develop muscular strength.  The Tiger strengthens the waist, sinews and kidneys and builds internal power.

  • CCC does not offer regular set packages for this class. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check non-negotiable fixed prices and propose a date for your own group. Please note that we do not create a private class or workshop and then make it available for individual people to join. We also do not contact other people to add to a group tour. Similarly, we can create custom-made private activities or events for you and your family or friends or co-workers at set-prices.
  • Private custom-made class prices:

    RMB1600 for a minimum of 5 adult guests (or the financial equivalent thereof) and are 2 hours long.
    RMB2000 for 6-10 people.

    Flexible scheduling:
    The workshop can be scheduled at any time that it fits your schedule according to the availability of the teachers.

    Please note:
    1.  We must check the date: 
       The CCC’s masters, artists, and teachers are all experts in their field and unique in their circles.  Their schedules are tight, so they may not be available at the time frame you would like to book.    We will have to check with them first before we can confirm the time with you.
    2.  Prepayment is necessary: 
       Once the artists/experts are confirmed, prepayment is required so we can book his/her time.
    3.  Corporate Clients
           All prices listed are for private individuals.  Corporate clients will be separately quoted. 

    4.   Venue:

    • The class/workshop will be conducted in English/with English interpretation at the China Culture Center unless a different location is requested.  
    • The CCC’s center can accommodate maximum 10-20 people for a class/workshop. 
    • Special venues of different size and ambiance can be arranged for corporate clients.with extra charges.