Peking Opera is a rich and informative aspect of Chinese culture. Understanding the history, background and unique art form enriches the pleasure of observing the performance.

CCC will invite professional actors of Peking Opera to introduce you to the history, complexity and subtleties of this famous Chinese art form. You will be informed about the training and performing institutions that support Peking Opera. You will be introduced to the actors who will demonstrate the rituals of preparation for a performance, in particular the meticulous process of preparing the face makeup. Selected parts from Peking Operas will be performed to explain movements and gestures and voice adaption.

Following this workshop you will be more fully prepared to appreciate Peking Opera. Please bring your cameras to record the colorful and informative workshop experience.

Where: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
  • >> See how the make-up and hair applied and costumes donned on in close distance.
    >> Watch the performance just in front you and learn the meanings and symbols of their expressions, gestures, movements and singing step by step.
  • Note:
    CCC's mission is to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture by offering a wide variety of cultural activities and events to our members. Fees to certain programs such as this are provided on a non-profit basis and are meant to only cover actual costs of that specific program. You can help us by registering in advance of the program so that we can minimize the cost of these programs. Your contribution helps us to continue offering such programs in the future.

  • CCC does not offer regular set packages for this class. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check non-negotiable fixed prices and propose a date for your own group. Please note that we do not create a private class or workshop and then make it available for individual people to join. We also do not contact other people to add to a group tour. Similarly, we can create custom-made private activities or events for you and your family or friends or co-workers at set-prices.
  • Private custom-made Peking opera workshop fixed prices:

    RMB 12000.

    The prices include: talk and performance by two Peking Opera actor/ actress and one make-up and dress lady, English-speaking expert and Venue.
    Duration: 2 hours

    Please note:
    1.  We must check the date: 
       The CCC’s masters, artists, and teachers are all experts in their field and unique in their circles.  Their schedules are tight, so they may not be available at the time frame you would like to book.    We will have to check with them first before we can confirm the time with you.
    2.  Prepayment is necessary: 
       Once the artists/experts are confirmed, prepayment is required so we can book his/her time.
    3.  Corporate Clients
           All prices listed are for private individuals.  Corporate clients will be separately quoted. 
    4.   Venue:
    The class/workshop will be conducted in English/with English interpretation at the China Culture Center unless a different location is requested.  
    At your appointed venue: there will be an extra charge for offsite venues, because extra time will be needed to transport the materials and prepare the venue for most classes/workshops (except taichi or talks). 
    Special rented venues can be arranged for corporate clients. The CCC’s center can accommodate maximum 10-20 people for a class/workshop.