Film Title: The Hammer and Sickle Are Sleeping
Length52 mins
Year 2013
Type: Fiction Film
Dialogue: Dongbei (northeast) & Putonghua Chinese
Subtitle: English
Screenplay & Director C Geng Jun

SynopsisTwo bad guy meet another bad guy, they get together to do bad things. But because of their weakness, it never works out. A man with religion is living with these guys. This film is about a hammer wrapped in a towel, the kind of weakness that you can see everywhere. Its a absurd story in a savage circumstance.

Where: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
  • Bio-filmography of Director

    Geng Jun was born in 1976 in Hegang, Heilongjiang Province, Northeast of China.

    • 2002  Hawthorn, 30min , writer/director
    • 2003  Diary in bulk, 40min, writer/director, prize at 1st International DV forum for features in Beijing in 2004
    • 2004  Barbecue, feature, 85min, writer/director
    • Attended to:
      3 Continents Festival in Nantes, France, in 2004
      China Independent Film Festival, in Nanjing, China, 2004
      International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2005
      Digital video Festival in Pingyao, China 2005
      Kerala Film Festival, India, 2005
    • 2009  Youth, feature, 104min, writer/director
      Attended to:
      China Independent Film Festival, in 2008
      Rome Film Festival, 2009
    • 2011Poetry and disease, documentary, 93min, director
      Attended to:
      China documentary film festival

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