This is a Bazi Destiny demo class. The presentation will be in English and free of charge, but please sign you up so we can set up the room properly.

"Bazi Destiny also know as The Four Pillars - is a technical study just like any other academic subject. The difference is of course the subject nature itself - in this case, the study is on the individuals destiny, personal characteristics, surrounding circumstances and possible life path. BaZi really is an extremely practical study. It deals with the earthly existence and circumstances of the individual with no sole reference to religious or spiritual aspects whatsoever.

It uses birth data to analyze and determine an individual's path in life. BaZi enables us to understand the role of Destiny, and how it plays out in our lives and the lives of others. Less about fortune telling and more about empowering individuals, BaZi provides you with a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and knowledge of potential challenges and obstacles. With this information, you can overcome challenges while striving to effectively fulfill your potential. BaZi allows you to understand your life destiny in order to actively take charge of it."
  • About the teacher:

    Alvin Ang, Singaporean, is a wine entrepreneur and enthusiast who developed his reading for BaZi when he met his master some five years ago. 
    Though BaZi was not a full time profession for him, his strong interest and passion propelled him to discover the subject to a new level. Thus he started his practice of Bazi for his family and friends during his leisure time, and soon words gets around and he was offering Bazi reading on a regularly basis and his clientele are mainly through referral. As a BaZi practitioner, Alvin aims to provide individuals with an keen interest in discovering one's destiny through an understanding and knowledge of how to interpret the opportunities and obstacles that lies ahead such that we can plan our actions accordingly.

    Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.

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