A founder of Chinese rock group Tang Dynasty, Kaiser Kuo is still active on the Beijing music scene as guitarist with the band Chun Qiu (Spring & Autumn). He has written extensively about his experiences as a rock musician in China, and will talk to the Chinese Culture Club about his years with Tang Dynasty, his views on the development of rock music in China, and his outlook for its future.

Kaiser and his band will play some examples of music that have been popular in China over the last 20 years, including Cui Jian's music and others.

Venue: Get Lucky Bar
  • A feature story of the CCC talk and Kaiser Kuo and his band

    "In the 80s, the only way to get access to western rock was to dub tapes from foreign students."

    From the tape decks of foreign students, to reggae legends such as Cui Jian's Madagascan guitarist Eddie Luclaloussa, to kiddie punk rocker Hua'r.....rock n' roll - a genre that developed in the West over 50 years - blasted its way onto the Chinese music in just 15.

    A little music with your history lesson..... Kaiser Kuo has teamed up with the non-profit organization, the Chinese Culture Club, to present the "history of rock 'n roll in China". The Chinese Culture Club is an organization that promotes Chinese culture through free events for foreigners and Chinese, with English translation. Past events include Peking Opera lessons and Traditional Chinese Medicine lectures.

    The event will tend to veer away from the traditional style lecture, considering of a talk on the history of rock, intermixed with performances by Spring and Autumn to complement the discussins. 

    The Chinese Culture events characteristically attract the Expats of Beijing. "We never deny the presence of the local Chinese, at the Culture Club events", comments Feng Cheng, the club's organizer and promoter. "The ads and listings are placed in the English language magazines through, and the local Chinese don't always read those. But this time I've put ads in the Beijing Youth Daily, and I hope some Chinese will come out and enjoy the lecture."

    The lecture will be held on December 2nd, from 2:30-5pm, at Get Lucky Bar, opposite to the west gate the Jingmao Daxue. For more information on the lecture, contact Feng Cheng at the China Culture Center at 64329341, or visit their website at www.chinaculturecenter.org

    by Laurah Hutchison
    City Weekend

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