• 2004/Color/DV/111min
    By:Huang Wenhai
    English subtitles
    Distributed by:Wang Qingren & Huang Wenhai

    Price: RMB 40
    Venue: Chinese Culture Club, Beijing, China.

    The director will be on hand to lead the discussion after the screening.


    A mahjong parlor run by an unemployed disabled person is the center of a web of relationships in this film about ordinary people' s attitudes about life in a society that is obsessed with money and that offers little hope of realizing the dreams of wealth and riches it dangles in front of them.

    Caught in the wheel of fortune, avidly pursuing dreams of wealth, the regulars at the mahjong parlor spend their days shuffling mahjong tiles. They rack their brains to guess the winning numbers that will win the lottery, following any arcane hot tip they may find by watching game shows, surfing the Web, getting their fortunes told, watching Teletubbies or reading obscure esoteric books. Meanwhile, the sound of a child rustling in its mother¡¯s womb grows fainter¡­

    Festivals and Awards
    Marseilles International Ducumentary Festival
    Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, 2004.
    Singapore International Film Festival

    Huang Wenhai
    Huang Wenhai (b. 1971) began his career in filmmaking as an assistant cameraman in 1996 for the fiction film Zhi. In 2001, he took part in the filming of the fiction piece Beijing Jiaoqu, which took part in the 40 Years of New Wave Cinema/New China Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2002. His 2002 work Junxunying Jishi was officially selected to compete in the Creative Documentaries category at the 2003 edition of the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA), in Biarritz, France. Last year, he completed the documentary Sleepwalking. He is currently general manager of Jushi Documentary Media Company Ltd.


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