• The Man
    By:Hsinyu Hu
    English subtitles

    With nothing better to do while he waits for a new job, Su, an unemployed bachelor spends his time attending to his love life, making phone calls to a matchmaker and hooking up with women. Shi, also a bachelor, often comes over to stay with Su and the filmmaker to enjoy a hot meal while he waits for his girlfriend to call from Guangzhou. Aiming his camera at the story unfolding around his apartment, the filmmaker captures youth as it comes of age in all its contradictory glory, full of hormones, arrogance and endurance.

    Price: RMB 40
    Venue: Chinese Culture Club, Beijing, China.

    Festivals and Awards

    Singapore International Film Festival, 2004
    Nomination for the Kodak Award (Cinematography), Shadow Festival, Amsterdam, 2004
    Premier Geste Award for Best First Film, Les Ecrans Documentaries, Paris, 2004
    Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, New York, 2005
    Infinity Festival, Alba, Italy, 2005

    About Hsinyu Hu

    Hsinyu Hu (b.1969) is an independent producer. In 2000, he began to shoot the DV film Transition, which unfortunately came to a premature end. The Man is his only completed work.

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