An exhibition entitled The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art is going on at the Millennium Art Museum, Beijing. The Wall is an art exhibition that will trace the development of Chinese conceptual art since the early 1980s, and will be the largest exhibition of contemporary Chinese art ever to travel beyond that country's borders.

It will travel beyond China to show at three galleries in October in the US. It marks the first collaboration between American art museums and a major Chinese art institution focusing on contemporary Chinese art.

Curated by Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History at the University of Buffalo and a leading authority on contemporary Chinese art Gao Minglu, The Wall addresses the work of more than fifty Chinese artists working in a variety of mediums. More traditional methods such as painting, sculpture, and works on paper will be on view as well as work in more progressive mediums such as video, installation, performance, and film.

The Wall is an interdisciplinary cultural event that also includes the publication of a bilingual catalogue, a film festival, educational programming, performance art, music, and dance programs.

CCC will invite Mr. Gao Minglu, curator of The Wall, to give CCC members and friends a talk and criticism, and a guided tour to the exhibition.

Mr. Gao will guide CCC members at 4pm after finishing a news conference. Since there are many things to see there (two entire floors of paintings, scultures and video showing), we suggest our guests arriving before 4pm to have a view at the art before the talk.
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