San Guo Yan Yi (Three Kingdoms)-- the novel is based somewhat loosely on San Guo Zhi, which is really the more accurate historical record. This is the story about the final days of the Han Dynasty 206BC-220AD). The basic plot is that notoriously clever and cruel Prime Minister Cao Cao undermines the weak Han emperor whose cause is championed by a distant relative Liu Bei (who is my estimation is irritatingly stupid and more concerned about his own honor than the welfare of the country) who later become emperor of the Kingdom of Shu (Sichuan) and is marvellously counselled by his prime minister and one of my favorite Chinese Zhu Geliang (a statue of whom I bought yesterday in Tianjin), and by another favorite Guan Yu, noted for his amazing loyalty, and Zhang Fei noted for his courage and rashness. There are many many plots for Chinese operas in the novel. Once you have read these novels your interest in Chinese opera will probably be heightened because you will know the stories. This novel is, in fact, the stuggle of three kingdoms (san guo) to take the place of the Han. Cao Cao founds the Wei Dynasty which is the ultimate victor, Liu Bei in the Shu Kingdom, and the other lesser kingdom is Wu. All of these collapse by 280 when the Jin take over after years of struggle.
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