Local Chinese play the game of mahjong almost everywhere, on the street, in the park, or throughout the night at home. Originated in China thousands year ago, it is today a favorite pastime in China and other Chinese-speaking communities. Similar to the Western card game rummy, mahjong ("sparrow tiles" in Chinese) is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance.

Come and learn this most popular game in China and some countries in Asia. CCC boasts that within one hour you could grasp this game skill and begin to play independently.
  • CCC does not offer regular set packages for this class. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check prices and propose a date and your own group.
  • Private custom-made prices:

    RMB1,000 for a minimum of 4 adult guests (or the financial equivalent thereof) and are 2 hours long.
    RMB1,200 for 5-8 people.
    RMB150/ person for a group of 9 people and more
    The price includes an English-speaking artist, or an artist assisted with an interpreter and venue.

    The price includes English-speaking Mahjong expert, venue, snack and Mahjong set.