Tie-dye is a traditional arts and crafts in China--Folding,enlacing,bundling,sewing,tying needed fabrics and dip into color plasm for dyeing. People use nature plants as dyestuff for dyeing cause these colorant are not harmful to human health.Various Tie-dye techniques and dyeing methods are usuall adopted. With Tie-dye you won't know how it will finally look until it is finished,there are usuall numerous surprises.

Come and learn this typical minority fabric craftsmanship of China and some southeast Countries, which is simple colour and texture, and unique patterns. You will first learn to do tie-dye from CCC's artist, then boil the fabric in the wok. All materials are provided.
  •  Private custom-made prices:

    RMB 1200 for 1-3 persons
    RMB 1500 for 4-5 persons
    RMB 250 /person for 6-10 persons.
    RMB 220 / person for a group of over 10 persons. 

    The price includes artist, interpreter, venue and all materials.