Subtitle: The rise of China and the demise of the West

China under the Ming dynasty chose the internal path of creating prosperity within Chinese boundaries, derived from Chinese sources. Europe instead chose to accumulate wealth through both long distance trade and military conquests, confiscating products from outside its regional boundaries. .
Europe created colonies. China never did. Why?

Europe developed a capitalist economy, which means earning money is the beginning and end of the production process (M C C C M). China developed a market economy which meant commodity is the beginning and end of the production cycle (C C M C C). What are the (social) consequences?
Europe is caught in the appearances of hegemons (the latest being England and the US). China never experienced those periods of hegemony over other countries untill western.countries reached Asia in the 19th century.

From 1350 till 1900 Europe witnessed 500 years of war. In the same period China had a 36-years conflict with its neighbours.
Why the difference? What's the background? Why did Europe developed an industrial path with private monopolies and China did not? What is the specific and characteristic economic path China will pursue in the 21st century?

Why did Mao and Deng chose for the farmers and not for the workers in the first place? From the Qin emperor till the Opium wars (221 before the Western calendar till 1850), China was the strongest and richest country in the world. Europe or Japan never conquered China. Was China too strong, economically?

And: how is this related to the division between the North and the South in this world. What does this mean for the specific backgrounds of Western and Chinese developments over the centuries? What stadium are we living in now? What's next?

Rob Groenhuijzen and Sylvia Sebregts (political scientists from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) who did a study invite you to share with us new and old knowledge about China and Europe. You and we leave our established judgments at home to experience an open and interesting meeting, which leads to inspiring interpretations.

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
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