Cricket-wrestling is probably a more accurate term to describe the combat of the insect! The cricket fighting is exciting and fierce but not cruel and bloody at all. It brings you more laughter and fun. The wild insect only lives around 100 days. It matures in the fall. So cricket-fighting is only available in autumn from late August to early October every year.

A cricket expert will be invited to talk about everything on crickets and their extravagant containers (villas), and cricket apartments. Learn all about the tools traditionally used for handling crickets, what they eat, how to set up a cricket palace, how crickets fight, and learn about all the different kinds of crickets and their unique sounds.

After the talk, a cricket fighting demonstration will be conducted and then crickets will be offered to some of the participants to have a try.Come learn this one of the favourite Chinese pets and then you can go to a local pet market and take home a cricket songster to keep you company this fall!

The talk will be conducted in in English.

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang Districet, Beijing, China.
  • The Chinese love crickets! They are called by the folks as qu qu (for fighting) and guo guo (for singing). The last two decades saw increasingly popularity of this game in Beijing, Shanghai, etc.The Beijing cricket-fighting competition has been held over 20 years. Cricket living and fighting containers and tools worth observing as well. Some are extravagant antique containers (villas), and cricket apartments made from ivory, porcelains and rare wood carvings.

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