Based on the theories and rich cultural heritage, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qigong, occupy an important position in the fields of both medical and health enhancement in China. Due to their unique healthy and medical effect, Chinese people have practiced these for thousands of years. Guqin, an ancient form of music, has similar long history and cultural heritage as TCM and Qigong, also can have good effects on medical and health enhancement, however, is hardly recognized. In fact, TCM, Qigong and Guqin, can be complementary to each other in many ways in medical and health enhancement.
Dr. Miranda Fung from Hong Kong (PhD of China Academy Chinese Medicine Sciences, Beijing) will host the workshop and introduce Guqin music into the psychosomatic medicine and music therapy system, combined with TCM and Qigong, to create a therapeutic Art Therapy. This theory is aimed at coping with the growing psychological problems with pressure in national modern great city.
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