Modern Perspectives on Chinese Historiography through the Battle at the Fei River (383)

Dr. Thilo Diefenbach, research fellow from China Academy of Social Science, will demonstrate a few general problems which everyone who is interested in Chinese history is confronted with. He will especially concentrate on the history of warfare, as this is an aspect that is particularly useful in order to illustrate certain characteristics of pre-modern Chinese historians.

Thilo will start with an overview of a historical event -- the battle at the Fei river which took place in the year 383 as it is depicted in the official historical sources. Then he will explain some common characteristics and problems of pre-modern Chinese histori­ography and how these two are connected with the historians who compiled the books.

The talk will end with a short discussion of debates carried out by today's scholars of Western and Chinese origin.

Language: English

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
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