China promulgated "The method for the foreigner to apply the Chinese permanent residence right" in 2004. According to this stipulation, the foreigners, who obtained the Chinese permanent residence qualifications (the Chinese green card), will enjoy preferential benefits during his/her stay in China, such as no time limitation for staying in China; no necessary for extending for the visa; entry to China by using a valid passport with a Chinese green card; legally stay in any place in China.

In addition, the green card holder will also enjoy other benefits in renting an apartment, attending the school, exchanging the currency, traveling and investing, etc.

To know more about the law and stipulation, Mr. Xiang, lawyer, will come to talk to CCC friends with his guide book (in 14 languages) to attaining a Chinese green card.

Daniel Newham, translator of the guide book and famous TV host and presenter of CCTV, will serve as the interpreter of the talk.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
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