The Mosuo are one of the most remote and unique minority groups in China, living in the area around Lugu Lake, high in the Himalayan mountains. They have a matriarchal culture, follow Tibetan Buddhism...and perhaps their most unique and distinctive trait, they do not practice marriage. Instead, the women simply choose whatever men they are interested in, in a system called "walking marriages".

They also live in one of the poorest regions of China, and for many years have been working hard to improve the situation for themselves, and their children. Recently, John Lombard started a non-profit organization that works hand-in-hand with the Mosuo, to help them get the necessary rexources and expertise to complete projects in cultural preservation, education, and many other areas. The Mosuo Cultural Development Association has already completed projects to set up training centers for local women, and has many more plans in the future.

John Lombard will talk to CCC members about this fascinating Mosuo culture (including beautiful pictures of the Mosuo, and their communities), and about the projects he is doing with them.
  • About the speaker:

    John Lombard is a Canadian businessman who has been in China for 12 years.  He works as a professional consultant in Cross Culture and Corporate Culture for multinational firms in China. His abiding interest and passion is culture: both to help people understand the differences between cultures, (and improve communication and cooperation); and to learn more himself about the many different cultures that exist today.

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