Zhou Ruchang, most famous living scholar on this most famous classcial Chinese novel, will talk to CCC friends about his understanding and study on the book, and explain why it is one of the best books to learn Chinese culture and people.

Mr. Zhou, over 70s, is almost deaf and can barely see anything, will speak in English for some part of the talk and a Taiwanese lady (admirerer of Zhou) will just fly to Beijing to serve as the interpreter for Zhou.

Price: free of charge
Venue: Cha Jia Fu Teahouse, Houhai, Beijing, China. (It is a very delicate Chinese teahouse set in the beatiful houhai area near Prince Gong's Residence--an ideal venue for the novel talk).
  • CCC does not offer regular set packages for this class. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check prices and propose a date and your own group.