Cloud Mountain Traditional Health Center

Cloud Mountain Traditional Health Center is an extension of the China Culture Center, Beijing, and includes consultation, training and treatment services. It complements the Traditional Wellness Center, which offers training in Taoist Qigong & Taichi, Buddhist Shaolin kungfu and Zen & mindfulness meditation practices. It is designed to meet the needs of those foreigners living in or visiting China who would like to gain a better understanding of their health as viewed through the window of Traditional Chinese medicine and wellness practices, but feel discouraged by the lack of quality English services here in China.  

Traditional Medicine Consultation
For those seeking help in resolving particular health problems we allot ample time to thoroughly discuss your case and ascertain the best course of treatment. If desired our acupuncturist can also provide you with and herbal prescription to address your health issues. Click below link for details.
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TCM Training Courses

Beijing Zen & Mindfullness Meditation Center

The China Culture Center's Beijing Zen Center is dedicated to the study and practice of Zen (or called Chan in China) - a combination of Han Chinese, Tibetan and South-east Asian meditation practices - for lay students, and people who wish to mature their understanding of life. We offer immersion Zen workshop combined with tea in the room set up in traditional way like in temple. Students will follow the routine exactly like the Zen monks. This class requires no previous experience, it offers you an opportunity to experience the meditative state, as well as a new way of looking at yourself. The techniques learnt can also be incorporated into your daily life after the class.