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Chinese Values, History and Culture
Students discuss "The Dream of the Red Chamber, " one of China's four great classical novels, with famous scholar Zhou Ruchang
  • Book Talk By Lijia Zhang: "Lotus" & China's underground sex industry
  • Lecture: Three religions of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism
  • Feng Shui (wind & water) Course
  • Talk: Chinese foot-binding
  • Ba Zi Destiny Analysis Course
  • Talk: China's Household Register, Social Security & Personal Data Files
  • Lecture: Chinese Population
  • Talk: Evolution & Destruction of Old Beijing
  • Talk: The Truth about Eunuchs
  • Contemporary Chinese History Course
  • Ancient Chinese History Lectures
  • Peering into the Mystery of I-Ching (Yi Jijing)- An Overview Talk or Course:
  • History of Chinese Architecture Lecture Series
  • Talk: All about Laozi and Philosophical Taoism
  • 4-session Chinese History Course
    Traditional Medicine & Health Cultivation
    Walking meditation in the Live Zen Center
  • Lecture: Chinese Dietary Therapy
  • Tuina Massage Course
  • Zen Practice & Meditation Workshop
  • Chinese Sword Play In a Park
  • Tai Chi Class
  • Herbal Medicine Course
  • Zen Workshop for Healing & Mindfulness
  • Chinese Medical Pediatric Massage
  • Sweddish Massage Trial Class
  • Internal Martial Arts Xingyi & Baguazhang
  • Yang Sheng (Health Cultivation) Workshops
  • Daoyin Qigong - Five Animal Exercises (Wuqinxi)
  • Daoyin Qigong Class: Baduanjin (Eight-section Brocade) & Yijinjing (Tendon changing or sinew transforming)
  • 4-session Chinese Medicine Course
  • Foot Reflexology Course
    Tea / Cookery / Chess, Mahjong & Hobbies
    Students concentrate on learning to brew their own oolong tea.

    Pull noodle by hands
  • Cookery: hand-pulled noodles and dumplings
  • Cricket Fighting and Chirping Culture
  • Hands-on: Kungfu Tea Ceremony
  • Seasonal Tea Tasting & Talk
  • Improve your kids' mindfulness and focus through Chinese tea ritual
  • Chinese Food from Market to Table
  • Workshop: Chinese Nourishing Soups Time
  • Chinese Board Game - Go (wei qi) Workshop
  • Mahjong Game Workshop
  • Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Workshop
  • Talk: Discovering Mooncakes & Making Cakes
  • Cookery: Palace Pastry of Imperial Kitchen
  • Cookery Class: Longevity Peach Pastry & Shaomai
  • Cooking class: Suzhou Rice Ball & Bamboo Shoots Soup
  • Wrapping Zongzi at Duanwu Festival
    Arts and Crafts
    Making a traditional swallow kite takes a lot of patience!
  • Calligraphy & Qigong Class
  • Hands-on: Flower Arrangement or Floral Design
  • Hands-on: Blown Sugar Figure & Candied Haw on a Stick
  • Hands-on: Traditional Kite-making
  • Hands-on: Fabric-accumulated Art (Duixiu hua)
  • Beijing Style Toy-making Workshop
  • Hands-on: Seal or Stamp-carving
  • Lotus Lantern Making Workshop
  • Traditional Chinese Painting Workshop
  • Calligraphy & Qigong Workshop
  • Chinese Ink Brush - Calligraphy & Painting
  • Chinese Fan-Painting Workshop
  • Hands-on: Chinese papercutting
  • Hands-on: making tiger-head Shoes
  • Talk/Hands-on: Spring Festival & Spring Couplets
    Music, Stage, Film & Festive Parties
    Opera face-painting in the style of the monkey king
  • Peking Opera Workshop
  • Chinese Music and Instruments Workshop
  • Peking Opera Face-painting & Make-up Workshop
  • Kun Opera Workshop
  • Chinese Magic Workshops
  • Talk: Up-and-coming Chinese filmmakers
  • Moon Festival Moon Cake Talk & Tea Tasting
  • Talk锛欳hinese Shadow Puppetry
  • Talk/Screening: The Chinese 5th Generation filmmakers and their early works
  • Chinese Songs Singing Workshop
  • Lecture: The World of Chinese Guqin (Zither)
  • Mongolian Songs & Music Night on Boat
  • Mongolian Song & Dance
  • Lecture: How to Listen to Chinese Music as a Westerner
  • Chinese New Year Party

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