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Upcoming events
  Lecture: China's Land Policy & Rural Politics  
  Talk: China's Democracy and Autocracy  
  Talk: Current Land Policy and Law problems in China  
  Chinese New Year Party  
  Moon Festival night:crab, dumpling and Chinese yellow wine  
  Talk: Contemporary Chinese Nationalism  
  Talk: The Truth about Eunuchs  
  Talk & screening: China's prostitution  
  Talk: Si Shu--Traditional Private Schooling  
  Talk: China's Household Register, Social Security & Personal Data Files  
  Talk: Chinese Imperial Bureaucracy  
  Talk: The Great Walk of the Great Wall  
  Talk: Introduction to Chinese Culture  
  Talk: Folk Religion of Rural Temple Fairs  
  Talk: Father Christmas and the Dragon  
  Talk: Characteristics of Chinese People  
  Talk: Wu Xia, A Chinese knight?  
  Talk: China's Social Structure  
  Talk: Hong Kong Politics and Press  
  Chinese History Lecture/Old Footage Show(3):  
  Seminar: Maoism and Modern Management  
  Talk: No Way Back--the "Shangfang" System of China  
  Talk/Screening: Re-education of China's prostitutes  
  Talk: Social Status of Chinese Women  
  New Long March Talk By McEwen  
  Discussion: Classic and Contemporary Chinese Beauties  
  Talk: Guide to Chinese Green Card  
  Talk: Cultural Revolution Mango  
  Talk/Screening: Documentary of Eunuch Zhenghe  
  Talk: Modern Perspectives on Chinese Historiography  
  4-session Chinese History Course  
  Talk: World War II in Modern China--Ambiguous Foreign Heroes and Contested Histories"  
  Ancient Chinese History Lectures  
  Lecture: China and Europe/US from 1368 till 2009  
  Talk: Chinese foot-binding  
  Talk: The Imperial Axis of Beijing  
  Talk: Three weddings and a divorce