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Upcoming events
  Talk: Understanding Buddha & Spiritual Healing  
  Talk: All about Laozi and Philosophical Taoism  
  Talk: Neo-Taoism or Mysterious Study  
  Lecture: Three religions of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism  
  Buddhist Talk: Four Mindfulness, Five Powers, etc.  
  Buddhism Talk (1): Three Jewels & Four Seals & Noble Truths  
  Peering into the Mystery of I-Ching (Yi Jijing)- An Overview Talk or Course:  
  Talk: The Zen Path & Three Ways of Meditation  
  Lecture: Deities in Taoism  
  Talk: World War II in Modern China--Ambiguous Foreign Heroes and Contested Histories"  
  Talk: Tomb Feng Shui  
  Philosophy Talk: The free sprit of Zhuangzi  
  Talk: The Art of War by Sun-Zi  
  Talk: Tao and Tea Art  
  Talk: How Taoism and TCM look at human body  
  Philosophy Discussion: "Ming" or Destiny  
  Talk: Taoism & Zen's Influence on Western Art  
  Taoist Spirit in Classic Chinese Art  
  Lecture: The concept of Tian in Chinese Philosophy  
  Zen & Talk Series  
  Ba Zi Destiny Analysis Course  
  Feng Shui Course - Xuan Kong Flying Star School  
  Feng Shui (wind & water) Course  
  Zen Practice & Meditation for Healing & Mindfulness  
  Talk: Wisdom of Chuangzi and His Taoism  
  Bazi Destiny Analysis Demo Class  
  Talk: Understanding Buddhism & Social Healing  
  Feng Shui Course - Sanhe School  
  Zen Workshop for Healing & Mindfulness