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I-Ching & Fengshui
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Upcoming events
  Peering into the Mystery of I-Ching (Yi Jijing)- An Overview Talk or Course:  
  Talk: Tomb Feng Shui  
  Feng Shui (wind & water) Course  
  Book Club "The Boat to Redemption"  
  Book Club "Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio"  
  Book Club "Murder in Beijing"  
  Book Club "Midnight in Peking"  
  Book Club "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"  
  Feng Shui Course - Xuan Kong Flying Star School  
  Feng Shui Course - Sanhe School  
  Improve your kids' mindfulness and focus through Chinese tea ritual  
  Cinco de Mayo Party  
  Wintercamp: Nature Immersions at Yunnan's Xishuangbanna