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Upcoming events
  Talk: China's Cadastre and Hutong demolition by speaker Hua Xinmin  
  Book Talk: "The City in My Reporter's Notepad"  
  Talk: "The Evolutionary Record of Beijing City" by Wang Jun  
  Lecture: Old Beijing City Planning & Fengshui  
  Book Club "The Boat to Redemption"  
  Book Club "Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio"  
  Talk: The Imperial Axis of Beijing  
  Talk: Beijing on the Move  
  Talk: "Transformation Beijing" 鈥 From an Imperial Past to Symbols of Modern China  
  Book Club "Murder in Beijing"  
  Book Club "Midnight in Peking"  
  Book Club "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"  
  Improve your kids' mindfulness and focus through Chinese tea ritual  
  Cinco de Mayo Party  
  Wintercamp: Nature Immersions at Yunnan's Xishuangbanna