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Upcoming events
  Traditional Chinese Painting Workshop  
  Lecture: Shanghai School Painters  
  Talk: Taoism & Zen's Influence on Western Art  
  Lecture: Lingnan School Painters  
  Hands-on: Seal or Stamp-carving  
  Hands-on:Chinese Button Knot  
  Chinese Fan-Painting Workshop  
  Illustrated Talk: Chinese Painter Shi Tao  
  Chinese Ink Brush - Calligraphy & Painting  
  Chinese Figure Painting Class  
  Lecture: Chinese Art History 1: Han & Tang Arts and Artifacts  
  Talk: Contemporary Chinese Art of Mao's Era  
  Talk: Figure painting and Chinese people  
  Exhibition/Talk: "Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art"  
  Taoist Spirit in Classic Chinese Art  
  One Time Overview Instruction of Chinese Painting  
  Lecture: Indian Buddhist Art