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Upcoming events
  Traditional Chinese Diet Therapy -Spring(session 2)  
  Dining Out锛歏egetarian Cuisine  
  Chinese food from market to table (1): fungi  
  Workshop: Chinese Nourishing Soups Time  
  Chinese Food From Market to Table (2): the Spicy Sichuan  
  Chinese Food from Market to Table (3): Cold Dishes  
  Chinese Food from Market to Table (4): Summer Melon Medley  
  Cookery Class: Typical Sichuan Snacks (Kids friendly)  
  In-depth Tea Talk and Tea Tasting:  
  Cookery Class: Dish Garnishes & Chinese Salad  
  Cookery: Palace Pastry of Imperial Kitchen  
  Wrapping Zongzi at Duanwu Festival  
  Cookery: Thin Pancake of Spring & Sesame Noodle  
  Hands-on: Kungfu Tea Ceremony/Ritual  
  Cookery Class: Longevity Peach Pastry & Shaomai  
  Chinese Rice Wine Huangjiu (Yellow Wine) Talk & Tasting  
  Talk: Tao and Tea Art  
  Chinese Food from Market to Table  
  Zen & Talk Series  
  Cookery: Floral Breads From Shanxi  
  Lantern Festival: Making Lanterns and Yuanxiao Dumplings  
  Talk: All About Chinese Tea  
  Talk: Understanding Chinese Cuisine  
  Dining Out: Cantonese Cuisine  
  Dining Out: Shanghai Cuisine  
  Cookery: hand-pulled noodles and dumplings  
  Cooking class: Suzhou Rice Ball & Bamboo Shoots Soup