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Upcoming events
  Talk: Olympics and Urban Change  
  Talk: Chinese Rural Architecture by Lou Qingxi  
  Talk: China's Vernacular Architecture  
  Illustrated Talk: Corridors and Bridges in Fujian and Zhejiang  
  Book Talk: "Beijing by Foot"  
  Talk: Criticism on China's Modern Architecture  
  Lecture: A Quarter Century of Beijing Urban Change  
  Lecture: Evolutions of Beijing's Walls and Gates  
  Talk: China's Cadastre and Hutong demolition by speaker Hua Xinmin  
  Lecture: History and Evolution of the Great Wall  
  Talk: How to appreciate Temple of Heaven  
  Talk: China's Old Architecture and Relic Protection  
  Talk: Principles of Forbidden City  
  Talk: Beijing City Wall Evolution  
  Book Talk: "The City in My Reporter's Notepad"  
  Talk: "The Evolutionary Record of Beijing City" by Wang Jun  
  Talk: Chinese Roof Figures  
  Lecture: Old Beijing City Planning & Fengshui  
  Talk: Hutong to Highrise  
  Talk: Tomb Feng Shui  
  Lecture: All About Courtyard House - Siheyuan  
  Talk: The Imperial Axis of Beijing  
  Talk: Beijing on the Move  
  Talk: "Transformation Beijing" 鈥 From an Imperial Past to Symbols of Modern China  
  History of Chinese Architecture Lecture Series