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Music & Stage
  • Peking Opera Workshop
  • Peking Opera Face-painting & Make-up Workshop
  • Kun Opera Workshop
  • Chinese Magic Workshops
  • Talk:Chinese Shadow Puppetry
  • Lecture: The World of Chinese Guqin (Zither)
  • Chinese Music and Instruments Workshop
  • Lecture: How to Listen to Chinese Music as a Westerner
  • Folk Songs & Music on Boat at Lotus Pond
  • Guqin Music & Poetic Songs
  • Talk/show: Chinese music and Tang Poetry(2)
  • Talk & Show: Chinese Folk Dance
  • Talk by Ye Jintian: Kun opera & costume design
  • Talk: Musicals in China
  • Talk: Orally Passed Down Music from Daolang, Xinjiang
  • Lecture: Ethnic Minorities Music of China
  • Talk: Chinese Drama by Wu Xiaojiang, Famous Director
  • An Evening of Erhu Music
  • Talk: Looking Back at a Century of Chinese Drama
  • Talk/performance: Rock Music in China
  • Talk/Show: Quyi
  • Talk: Chinese Music and Tang Poetry (1)
  • Learn to perform Peking Opera
  • Chinese Folk & Minority Dance Class
  • Lecture: Music of Northern China
  • Rock Music Talk by Cui Jian
  • Concert and talk: Guqin and Master Li Xiangting
Film & Documentary
  • Talk: Up-and-coming Chinese filmmakers
  • Talk/Screening: The Chinese 5th Generation filmmakers and their early works
  • Talk/Screening: CCTV Aerial Documentary
  • Documentary Screening: "Red Obsession"
  • Documentary screening: "Found in China"
  • Screening: "Dream Walking"
  • Screening: Documentary: A Student Village
  • Screening: Documentary "Neo Lounge"
  • Screening: "Snow Falls Down on Yili"
  • Screening: "The Lost Brother"
  • Screening: "Old Man (lao tou)"by Yang Tianyi
  • Screening: Classic Chinese Animated Films
  • Screening: "Floating"
  • Screening: "Cherries Grows on The Pomegranate Tree"
  • Screening: "The Story About Wang Laobai"
  • Screening: "Mao's Last Dancer"
  • Screening: "Hollywood Chinese"
  • Screening: "Young And Clueless" (qing chun qi)
  • Xi Zhinong and Photography of Snub-nosed Monkeys
  • Screening: "Bliss"
  • Screening: "Da Ming Palace / Palace of Tang Dynasty"
  • Documentary Screening and Meet with the Director: Story Line of the Village Elementary
  • Screening: "White Tower"
  • Movie Night "The Cassandra Crossing"
  • Screening: "Miners"
  • Taiwan Film Screening: Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale
  • Screening: "Floating Dust"
  • Talk: Chinese Movies
  • Screening: "The Man" by Hu Hsinyu
  • Film talk: Space of The Film by Christopher Doyle (Du Ke Feng)
  • Documentary Screening: The Hammer and Sickle Are Sleeping
Festive Parties
  • Moon Festival Moon Cake Talk & Tea Tasting
Kids' Cultural Classes & Summer/Winter Camps
  • Peking Opera Face-painting & Make-up Workshop
  • Chinese Magic Workshops
  • Chinese Music and Instruments Workshop
  • Folk Songs & Music on Boat at Lotus Pond
  • Learn to perform Peking Opera
  • Chinese Folk & Minority Dance Class
Upcoming Events
Traditional Chinese Painting Workshop
Saturday, Nov. 4, 10:00-12:00
Calligraphy & Qigong Class
Saturday, Nov. 4, 14:00-16:00
Chinese Ink Brush - Calligraphy & Painting
Tuesday, Nov.28, 10:00-12:00
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