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Fengshui & Bazi Destiny Analysis
  • Feng Shui (wind & water) Course
  • Ba Zi Destiny Analysis Course
  • Peering into the Mystery of I-Ching (Yi Jijing)- An Overview Talk or Course:
  • Bazi Destiny Analysis Demo Class
  • Lecture: Color analyses
  • Feng Shui Course - Xuan Kong Flying Star School
  • Lecture: Kids & Color
  • Lecture: Style analyses
Philosophy, Religion & Classics
  • Lecture: Three religions of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism
  • Talk: All about Laozi and Philosophical Taoism
  • Talk: The Art of War by Sun-Zi
  • Lecture: Deities in Taoism
  • Philosophy Talk: The free sprit of Zhuangzi
  • Talk: Tao and Tea Art
  • Talk: The Zen Path & Three Ways of Meditation
  • Traditional Chinese Classics and Culture Course
  • Talk: Understanding Buddhism & Social Healing
  • Talk: How Taoism and TCM look at human body
  • Philosophy Discussion: "Ming" or Destiny
  • Lecture: The concept of Tian in Chinese Philosophy
  • Talk: Wisdom of Chuangzi and His Taoism
  • Talk: Understanding Buddha & Spiritual Healing
  • Buddhist Talk: Four Mindfulness, Five Powers, etc.
  • Buddhism Talk (1): Three Jewels & Four Seals & Noble Truths
  • Talk: Neo-Taoism or Mysterious Study
  • Lecture: Chinese Debate on Human Nature
  • Talk: The Mysterious History of Nestorian Christians in China
  • Contemporary Chinese History Course
  • Ancient Chinese History Lectures
  • 4-session Chinese History Course
  • Talk & screening: China's prostitution
  • Book Talk: "Socialism Is Great!" by Zhang Lijia
  • Talk: Modern Perspectives on Chinese Historiography
  • Talk: News Photograph in China
  • Lecture: China and Europe/US from 1368 till 2009
  • Chinese History Lecture/Old Footage Show(3):
  • Talk: Chinese Imperial Bureaucracy
  • Talk/Screening: Documentary of Eunuch Zhenghe
  • Talk: World War II in Modern China--Ambiguous Foreign Heroes and Contested Histories"
  • Talk/Screening: Re-education of China's prostitutes
  • New Long March Talk By McEwen
  • Talk: Cultural Revolution Mango
  • Illustrated Talk: The Sent-Down Youth & Shaolin Monks
  • Illustrated talk: Chinese Clothing from 1860-1930's
  • Talk: Shanghai's Cabaret Culture and Urban Politics 1919-1954
  • Talk: The Boxer Rebellion
  • Talk: Chiang Kaishek (Kuomintang Party)
  • Talk: Chinese foot-binding
  • Talk: The Truth about Eunuchs
  • Cross-Culture Discussion: Workplace in China Today
  • Cross Cultural Talk: Guanxi - building relationships
  • Talk: Si Shu--Traditional Private Schooling
  • Talk: Father Christmas and the Dragon
  • Talk: Characteristics of Chinese People
  • Talk: Wu Xia, A Chinese knight?
  • Cross Cultural Discussion: East-west Romance
  • Talk: "Think Like Chinese" by the Author
  • Talk: Folk Religion of Rural Temple Fairs
  • Talk: Contemporary Chinese Nationalism
  • Talk: Three weddings and a divorce
  • Talk: Cultural Differences East and West
  • Seminar: Maoism and Modern Management
  • Lecture: The Promises and Perils of Cross Cultural Comparison
  • Talk: Getting work done in China's "relationship environment"
  • Cross-Culture Discussions: Marriage in China
  • Talk: Introduction to Chinese Culture
  • Discussion: Comparison of East & West
  • Cross-Culture Discussions: Making Chinese friends
  • Discussion: Classic and Contemporary Chinese Beauties
  • Cross-cultural Discussion: Educating our Children
  • Illustrated talk: Farmers' Entertainments In Yan An
  • Book Talk By Lijia Zhang: "Lotus" & China's underground sex industry
  • Lecture: Chinese Population
  • Talk: China's Household Register, Social Security & Personal Data Files
  • Talk: Gays & Lesbians in Beijing
  • Book Talk & Signing: Real Life Stories of Migrant Workers
  • Talk: China's Current Examination System
  • Lecture: China's Land Policy & Rural Politics
  • Debate: East and West Family Education
  • Talk: No Way Back--the "Shangfang" System of China
  • Lecture: China' s "One Child" Policy
  • Talk: China's Water Resources
  • Talk: Nonprofits, Charities and Social Activism in China
  • Talk: China's Current Issues of Finance, Farmers and Real Estate
  • Talk: China's Reform on State Owned Enterprises.
  • Talk: Medical System in China
  • Talk: China's Current Youth Problems
  • Talk: China's Rural-Urban Migrant Workers
  • Talk: Social Status of Chinese Women
  • Talk: Current Land Policy and Law problems in China
  • China's Current Economy Situation, Problem and future
  • Talk: Guide to Chinese Green Card
  • Talk: China's Democracy and Autocracy
  • Talk: China's Rural organizations
  • Talk: China's Economy Policy - Problem and Prospect
  • Lecture: China's Education Reform In past 30 Years
  • Talk: Domestic Violence in China
  • Cross-culture Discussion: Chinese Education
  • Obscura - Photography Talk by Mark Leong
  • Seminar & Field Trip: Ecological Change in Modern China
Architecture,City Planning & Relic Protection
  • Talk: Evolution & Destruction of Old Beijing
  • History of Chinese Architecture Lecture Series
  • Talk: China's Vernacular Architecture
  • Talk: Principles of Forbidden City
  • Talk: Beijing City Wall Evolution
  • Lecture: Evolutions of Beijing's Walls and Gates
  • Lecture: Old Beijing City Planning & Fengshui
  • Lecture: A Quarter Century of Beijing Urban Change
  • Lecture: History and Evolution of the Great Wall
  • Book Talk: "Beijing by Foot"
  • Talk: How to appreciate Temple of Heaven
  • Talk: Chinese Roof Figures
  • Talk: Criticism on China's Modern Architecture
  • Lecture: All About Courtyard House - Siheyuan
  • Talk: Olympics and Urban Change
  • Talk: Beijing on the Move
  • Talk: "The Evolutionary Record of Beijing City" by Wang Jun
  • Talk: Chinese Rural Architecture by Lou Qingxi
  • Book Talk: "The City in My Reporter's Notepad"
  • Talk: Hutong to Highrise
  • Talk: China's Old Architecture and Relic Protection
  • Talk: "Transformation Beijing" – From an Imperial Past to Symbols of Modern China
  • Illustrated Talk: Corridors and Bridges in Fujian and Zhejiang
  • Appreciating Chengde, Imperial Summer Resort
  • Talk: China's Cadastre and Hutong demolition by speaker Hua Xinmin
Classic & Contemporary Literature
  • Book Talk By Lijia Zhang: "Lotus" & China's underground sex industry
  • Talk: Dreams of the Red Chamber
  • Talk: Dream of the Red Chamber by Zhou Ruchang
  • Another Talk by Zhou Ruchang on Dream of the Red Chamber
  • Poems from the Tang and Song
  • Talk: The Significance of China's Erotic Literature
  • Talk: China's Four Most Famous Folklores
  • Talk: Contemporary Chinese Poetry
  • Seminar: Demystify Wu Xia, Martial Literature
Nature, Ethnics & Travel
  • Talk: Qinghai-Tibetan Railway Construction
  • Talk: The Less Known Pumi People
  • Talk: Miao People's current living Environment and Custom
  • Talk: Yi Women in Liangshan, Sichuan
  • Talk: Horse-back Ethnics by Famous Mongolian Photographer
  • Talk: What to see along Qingzang Railway to Tibet
  • Mosuo People & matriarchal Culture
  • Talk: China's Yi men and socio-cultural change in Sichuan
  • Talk: The Tea & Horse Caravan Trails
  • Talk: The Great Walk of the Great Wall
  • Lecture: Trees & Plants of South China
  • Talk: Matriarchal Mosuo Minority at Lugu Lake
  • The Great Miao Mountains in Guangxi
Booklist of the CCC Book Club
  • Book Talk By Lijia Zhang: "Lotus" & China's underground sex industry
  • Book Club: "A Good Woman of China"
  • Book Club: Journey to the West (xi you ji)
  • Book Club: "Dream of the Red Chamber"(1)
  • Book Club: "When a Billion Chinese Jump"
  • Book Club "Managing the Dragon, Building a Billion-Dollar Business in China"
  • Book Club: "The Soong Dynasty"
  • Book Club: "Six Chapters of a Floating Life"
  • Book Club: "The Geography of Thought"
  • Book Club: "What the Chinese Don't Eat"
  • Book Club: Book Report
  • Book Club: "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
  • Book Club: "River Town" by Peter Hessler
  • Book Club: "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down"
  • Book Club: "Lapse of Time" by Wang Anyi
  • Book Club: "The Long March"
  • Book Club: "Oracle Bones"
  • Book Club:"The True Story of Ah Q"
  • Book Club: "Moment in Peking
  • Book Club: "Binu and the Great Wall" by Su Tong
  • Book Club: "War Trash"
  • Book Club: "Socialism Is Great!" by Zhang Lijia
  • Book Club: Laozi's "Tao Te Ching"
  • Book Club: "Lapse of Time" by Wang Anyi
  • Book Club "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"
  • Book Club: "Ten Thousand Miles Without a Cloud"
  • Book Club: "Outlaws of the Marsh" (2)
  • Book Club: The True Story of Ah Q by Lu Xun
  • Book Club: "Red China Blues" by Jan Wong
  • Book Club:" Life & Death in Shanghai"
  • Book Club: "Leaving Mother Lake"
  • Book Club: "Falling Leaves"
  • Book Club: "Waiting" by Ha Jin
  • Book Club: "My Country and My People" by Lin Yutang
  • Book Club: Ancient Chinese poems
  • Book Club: "I-Ching (Book of Changes)"
  • Book Club: "Wild Swans"
  • Book Club: "The Oracle Bones" by Peter Hessler
  • Book Club: Wolf Totem
  • Book Club:"The Garlic Ballads" by Mo Yan
  • Book Club: "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton
  • Book Club: "Wives of the East Wind" by Liu Hong
  • Book Club: "The Romance of Three Kingdoms"
  • Book Club: "China Shakes the World"
  • Book club:"The Last Chinese Chef" by Nicola Mones
  • Book Club: Fortress Besieged
  • Book Club: Will the Boat Sink the Water
  • Book Club "The Boat to Redemption"
  • Book Club: "Dreams of the Red Chamber"(2)
  • Book Club: "The Pool of Unease"
  • Book Club:"One Man's Bible" by Gao Xingjian
  • Book Club: "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" by Yu Hua
  • Book Club: "New Confucianism" by Daniel Bell
  • Book Club "Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio"
  • Book Club: "Red Dust"
  • Book Club "Murder in Beijing"
  • Book Club: "Soul Mountains"
  • Book Club: "The Banquet Bug" by Yan Geling
  • Book Club: Cries in the Drizzle
  • Book Club: "Mr. China"
  • Book Club "The Real Story of Ah-Q"
  • Book Club: "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan"
  • Book Club: A Thousand Years of Good Prayer!
  • Book Club: "The True Story of Ah Q"
  • Book Club "Nothing to Envy" by Babrara Demick
  • Book Club: "China’s Best Contemporary Writers"
  • Book Club "Country Driving"
  • Book Club: "Mao's Last Dancer"
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