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Cultural Summer & wintercamps
  • Chinese Cultural Summer/ Winter Camps Beijing (Bilingual)

  • The Little Amblers - cultural walks,excursions and campings for kids
    Scheduling of Programs
    Regular Classes v.s Custom-made Classes

    Below are examples of activities that CCC has undertaken in the past. We reschedule many of them on a regular basis depending on their popularity. Please click the calendar to see when your choice is scheduled. If it is not scheduled please book a custom-made one.
    Tea / Cookery / Chess, Mahjong & Hobbies
  • Cookery: hand-pulled noodles and dumplings
  • Chinese Board Game - Go (wei qi) Workshop
  • Cricket Fighting and Chirping Culture
  • Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Workshop
  • Cookery: Palace Pastry of Imperial Kitchen
  • Cookery Class: Longevity Peach Pastry & Shaomai
  • Wrapping Zongzi at Duanwu Festival
  • Improve your kids' mindfulness and focus through Chinese tea ritual

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Hands-on: Seal or Stamp-carving
  • Lotus Lantern Making Workshop
  • Hands-on: Flower Arrangement or Floral Design
  • Children's Calligraphy Course
  • Hands-on: Chinese papercutting
  • Talk/Hands-on: Spring Festival & Spring Couplets
  • Hands-on: Making Traditional kites
  • Chinese Cloth Tiger Pillows
  • Blowing Candy Figurines
  • Beijing Style Toy-making Workshop
  • Hands-on: Painting on Chinese Paper Fan
  • Talk/Hands-on: Peking Opera Masks
  • Chinese Knot-tying Class
  • Hands-on: Batik & Wax-dye
  • Hands-on: Chinese Tie-Dye
  • Hands-on: Chinese Appliqué (Buduihua)
  • Hands-on: Fabric-accumulated Art (Duixiu hua)
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments with Chinese Design
  • Chinese Cloth Tiger Toy
  • Hands-on: making tiger-head Shoes

  • Music, Stage, Film & Festive Parties
  • Peking Opera Workshop

  • Upcoming events
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