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Scheduling of Programs
Below are examples of activities that CCC has undertaken in the past. We reschedule many of them on a regular basis depending on their popularity. Please click the calendar to see when your choice is scheduled. If it is not scheduled please contact us directly and let us know that you would like us to do that.
Zen Practice & Meditation for Healing & Mindfulness
Join us each week for an insight into the teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism. We'll be guided on our journey of self-discovery by a Buddhist layman and learn about Zen through its music, its stories, its art, its rituals & martial arts. >>> more
Health Cultivation & Medicine
4-session Chinese Medicine Course
This Chinese Medicine course covers the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine; diagnosing Patterns of Disharmony;acupuncture Channels and Acupressure, and herbal medicine and nutrition >>> more
Tuina Massage Course
The 8-session traditional tuina massage course introduces basic Chinese medicine theory, manipulation techniques on relaxing the muscle and vein, and pressing corresponding acupoints; and treatments on common diseases. >>> more
Workshop for the therapeutic Theory of Qigong guided Imagery by Guqin Music
Guqin, an ancient form of music, has similar long history and cultural heritage as TCM and Qigong, also can have good effects on medical and health enhancement, however, is hardly recognized. In fact, TCM, Qigong and Guqin, can be complementary to each other in many ways in medical and health enhancement.
>>> more
Herbal Medicine Course
This 8 session course covers the brief history of herbalism, different schools of thought;basics of diagnosis and formulas for gynecological problems, sleep problems. >>> more
Foot Reflexology Course
4-session foot reflexology course will be instructed by licensed traditional Chinese physician therapist. English narration. Each class is small group with adequate practical exercises. >>> more
Lecture: Chinese Dietary Therapy
Come along to learn how food is described as possessing certain qualities such as a warming or cooling nature, possessing certain flavors that act on the body in a certain ways; find out how to harmonize seasonal change, or your own personal imbalance >>> more
Ear Reflexology Class
CCC's Ear Reflexology classroom instruction includes the history of Ear Reflexology and Auricular Therapy, auricular anatomy, auricular points - location and conditions, auricular inspection, and hands-on application and documentation. >>> more
Facial Rejuvenation Cupping & Scrapping Course
During the four sessions of CCC's facial rejuvenation cupping and scraping course, you will learn all the basic theory and techniques to prevent facial lines and wrinkles;to reduce puffiness and edema, etc. and have plenty of time for practise under the instruction of the teacher from China Chinese Medicine Academy. English interpretation is provided. >>> more
Syllabus for Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine
This class is designed to give the student a basic understanding of Chinese herbal medicine, basic theory, diagnostics, and will also cover some very popular individual herbs that are in common use such as ginseng, gou qi zi (wolfberry), dang gui, licorice, etc. >>> more
Neuroflexology training with Jennie Levick
This is a two part course (2 days at least 3 months apart) that introduces you to the background, the theory and potential of Neuroflexology with treatment demonstrations and practice. >>> more
Healing Exercises & Kungfu
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wellness Camp
>>> more
Tai Chi for Medical and Health Enhancement
Taichi, a moving form of yoga and meditation combined, is ancient Chinese meditative exercise for the body, aiming to foster a calm and tranquil mind. CCC's Chen Style Taichi master speaks English and has experience in teaching Westerners. >>> more
Taoist Retreat For Yangsheng (wellness or health cultivation)
This is an one-time overview (2-3 hours workshop) or one or two days intensive training and spiritual retreat on Taoist wellness (yangsheng) practice. You will learn all about traditional Taoist Yangsheng (wellness or literally health cultivation), from taoist Taichi, Qigong, breathing, meditation and medicine, to traditional Chinese diet, and mind/body knowledge and self-cultivation. The master will guide you, in English or assisted by interpreter, on these traditional mind/body wellness exerci >>> more
Chinese Sword Play In a Park
Learn two types of Chinese sword: Taichi style sword play and Kungfu swordsmanship with outstanding Chinese Martial Arts practitioners in the beautiful Ditan Park (Temple of Earth).

They will first have Kungfu show and sword performance. All part >>> more
Internal Martial Arts Xingyi & Baguazhang
Come and learn Qigong (chi kung), a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. With roots in Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi) or what has been translated as "intrinsic life energy". >>> more
Daoyin Qigong: Baduanjin & Yijinjing
Baduanjin is one of the most common forms of Chinese qigong used as exercise. The name refers to how the eight individual movements of the form characterize and impart a silken quality to the body and its energy; Yi Jin Jing is a set of Tendon changing or sinew transforming exercise Qigong manual most notable as the source of the attribution of Shaolin Kung Fu to Bodhidharma. >>> more
Five Animal Qigong (Wuqinxi)
The 1,800 Year Old Chinese Exercise System for Fitness, Good Health and Longevity still practiced today. These gentle and playful exercises relax muscles, stimulate the spine, exercise internal organs, detoxify, gather and cultivate Qi. >>> more
Beverage & Cuisine
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