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Movie Night "The Cassandra Crossing"
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The Cassandra Crossing is a 1976 West German-Italian-UK joint production, and it has a firm place in the collective memory of Chinese people who lived through the 1980s on the Mainland, because it was one of the few Western thrillers imported in that era. A train heading from Geneva to Stockholm is infested with a deadly plague and is sealed off and forced down an abandoned track in Poland. The cast includes Sophia Loren, Richard Harris, Burt Lancaster, Martin Sheen (Charlie Sheens dad, as a toy boy!), O.J. Simpson, (yes, THAT O. J. Simpson) Ann Turkel, Ingrid Thulin, Lee Strasberg Even if you are not familiar with all these names, you will recognise many faces.

The film is rated R in the United States. It contains some violence, a little bit of blood, but no sex. One scene in the ending is a bit gory and could be a bit frightening for small children. If your children watch 007 movies they should be fine with this one.

We will screen the film in the original English-language sound track, with optional Chinese subtitles.

Admission is free. Feel free to bring your soft drinks, beer, wine, hot chocolate, popcorn and other snacks. We will prepare water and cups.

Please RSVP for this movie night.


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