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Facial Rejuvenation Cupping & Scraping Course
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For thousands of years the Chinese have used therapeutic cupping and scraping (guasha) for asthma, fever, congestion and chronic or acute pain. Due to its ability to drain toxins and regulate the skin and muscles, facial cupping can be transformative to your appearance as well.

Done properly, cupping therapy will bring collagen to the surface and increase blood flow, reduce puffiness, dark circles and diminish fine lines. But the benefits go beyond just cosmetic, facial cupping can be very beneficial to drain nasal sinuses and the lymphatic system. Conditions such as TMJ pressure can also be relieved. The increased local blood supply will bring nourishment to the muscles and skin and allow for toxins to be carried away via the veins and the lymphatic system.

During this two intensive sessions of CCC's facial cupping and scraping course, you will learn all the basic theory and techniques and have plenty of time for practise under the instruction of the teacher from China Chinese Medicine Academy. English interpretation is provided.

Where: China Cultlure Center, Beijing, China.
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Facial cupping has benefits far beyond reducing fine lines and sagging jowls. These benefits include:  increased local qi and blood circulation to the skin, drawing nutrients to the surface and enhancing absorption of lotions or serums. Facial cupping clears heat and serves as a method of detoxifying the skin; it also drains stagnant fluids and eases puffiness. While traditional cupping can leave marks on the skin, facial cupping does not. Acupuncture facial cupping is entirely painless and is not an irritant to the skin; it can be used on rosacea, melasma and even on sensitive skin.

Guasha (cupping) Therapy is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) art of facial and body scraping for beauty, health, and wellness; similar to acupuncture treatment, but without the use of intrusive needles. The Guasha technique helps to restore and re-balance the vital energy system in the body, which eliminates pathogenic factors directly. The technique is simple, effective and has no side effects; it has been practiced for more than 25 centuries by the Chinese people and is a precious heritage of traditional Chinese medical science and massage therapy. Like Acupuncture and Feng Shui, Guasha Therapy is recognized for its positive energy, and its ability to repair aesthetic problems.

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