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Talk: Understanding Buddhism & Social Healing
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To understand Buddhism and how it relates to society, you need to understand its core values, principles of action and its interface with social roles. These aspects of Buddhism can inspire modern life.

Join us for an evening of communication with Buddha' s thoughts, true stories with his family and disciples. Our Buddhist layman will take us inside the life of the Buddha and outline how he used his understanding of human nature and the universe to bring us lessons that can be practiced in our daily lives. These lessons have the power to help us maintain a better balance with others, and contribute to a more tranquil society.

This session covers:
 True stories of Buddha with his family and disciples
 The Eight Keys of a successful life
 The Four Principles of keeping balance with others
Six oars of a boat of harmonious family

The talk will be in English.

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.


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