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Hands-on: Decorative House slippers
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Learn how to make and sew your own traditional house slippers (popular in today's gift-giving culture in Yunnan Province in particular) in this two-part, hands-on workshop with the guidance of a CCC Master Teacher, Ms. Wang. Enjoy wearing these slippers in your home, or provide these slippers for guests as they enter your home. Your friends and family will enjoy wearing the traditional and lightweight slippers you have made and which are designed with the indigo-dyed, Chinese cloth pattern.

This particular house slipper has a beginning in Yunnan Province folklore: As the story goes, a young woman fell deeply in love with a man. In an effort to show her affection and her sewing skills, she made house slippers for him in this style, not knowing his exact shoe size. When he tried on the slippers they were a perfect fit, and so they were married as this well-fitted show symbolized they were also a good fit for marriage! Today, still in Yunnan Province, slippers like this are given as gifts to others, and especially to newly married couples. Make a pair for yourself or for a friend.

PLEASE NOTE: Please give your European shoe size (or your friend's size) to CCC staff when you register for this class so that patterns can be made in preparation for the class. Thank you.


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